David Simpson

Hi, I’m a product designer, front-end engineer, and passionate team builder from Boston, Massachusetts.

I’m currently living in the beautiful rural town of Georgetown, MA with my beautiful wife Pam, our daughter Kennedy and our little morkie pups Oreo and Max. In 2008, I co-founded Epicio a small web design & development firm in the Boston area. After my time growing Epicio, I transitioned to working at HubSpot for a few years as the manager of the Interactive Content Team. After that I spent a brief time as the Director of User Experience at Assembla and now I am the Director of UX at Kyruus, an exciting startup making big waves in the health/tech industry.

I say a lot of things on Twitter. I do my best to keep up with showing off my design work-in-progress on Dribbble. You can subscribe to my updates on Facebook, take a listen to my musical preferences on Spotify, and endorse me on Zerply. I don’t post much code but the little I have can be found on Github.

Feel free to read on if you would like to learn more about me. If you want to chat about design, startups, or what funny things I’ve seen on the train recently you can email me at david@simpsn.com or send me a DM on twitter @simpson.

My design & build philosophy.

Don’t you hate when people or companies post their mission statement. Sure they can be important, but the whole world doesn’t need to know about it, use it as an internal tool.

I see these principles as something entirely different, it clearly defines how I approach every web design & development project I work on. As times goes on i’ll likely tweak these as I go, but for now these work pretty well for me.

These four principles are my guiding light:

1. Always be iterating.

Every design project is a living, breathing organism. It is imperative to always be thinking and iterating to improve the design and user experience of the projects we are working on.

2. Simple design wins.

People need the web, so the usability and experience of how they interact with it is key. Simplicity helps to remove the distraction of clutter, resulting in a better user experience.

3. Patience with persistence.

Listening and understanding the needs of a project can often take patience, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be persistent about striving for excellence and aiming for the stars.

4. Listen to the people.

Even the most beautiful design doesn’t guarantee it is meeting the needs of the real life people using your website or app. Always be sure to listen and gather feedback so you can make minor yet integral changes as you progress!

Let's get connected.

I’ve gone on a bit of a conquest, to achieve the username “simpson” on every social network. The battle has been long but i’m almost there, if you can help let me know!

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