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Even Microsoft can’t get it right in IE

Posted on November 13, 2005

This post is just a quickie, but this screen shot pretty much sums up why Internet Explorer is inferior to almost every other browser on the market. This is taken right off of MSN.com’s homepage when I loaded up IE 5.2 for Mac:

“Your browser cannot find our style and presentation information and as a result may not display the page properly. You are welcome to use the page as is, or upgrade your browser to its latest version which may address the problem. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to the Microsoft Internet Explorer website to install the latest version. If you are using another browser, see the provider’s website for more information. If you are using Internet Explorer for Mac, we recommend that you use another browser to have an optimal experience on MSN.”

You’ve got to be kidding me. Even MSN.com suggests using a browser other than Internet Explorer. This type of idiocy is pushing me ever closer to installing Explorer Destroyer on my site. It won’t be much longer now.

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