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Windows Vista. Tried and so tragic...

Posted on July 25, 2005

So the cat has finally been let out of the bag. What was once known as Windows 'Longhorn' has been officially dubbed Windows Vista. And I have to say that I am not impressed with the choice of names or what the new Microsoft OS is offering.

It's been about a year since I have made the complete transition from a Windows based nightmare over to the wonderful world of Apple and OS X. After realizing that I had been wasting my time on a sub-par operating system, I am no longer plagued with viruses, adware, or the blue screen of death. Althought the first release to developers won't come until August 3rd, many people have taken it upon themselves to to start dishing out the dirt on the the upcoming Vista release. Most of the press that it's receiving is far from flattering. One blogger by the name of Veggiedude sums up my feelings in a recent post:

Vista stands for:

V - iruses
I - nfections
S - pyware
T - rojans
A - dware

I think he hit the nail on the head. Until Microsoft can prove that they have made an operating system that isn't the trainwreck that previous Windows releases have been, I will continue to believe that it will never live up to the efficiency, quality, and beauty that is OS X. Only time will tell.

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